Roberto Muffoletto


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Editor: Journal

Guest Editor, Review Journal of Philosopohy and Social Science, Anu books, Fla.

1986-90 Editor, FRAME/WORK: A Journal on Images and Culture , Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, Los Angeles, CA.

1979-84 Editor and publisher, CAMERA LUCIDA, The Journal of Photographic Criticism, Baumgartner Publications, Madison, Wis.

Editor: Book Series

Series editor: "Media, Education, Culture, Technology". Hampton Press, Cresskill, New Jersey.

Editor: Books

Computers in Education (1993), Muffoletto, R. & Knupfer, N. (Eds.)
New Jersey: Hampton Press.

Education & Technology (2001) Muffoletto, R. (Ed.)
New Jersey: Hampton Press.

Multicultural Education and Technology (2007), Muffoletto, R. & Horton, J. (Eds.)
New Jersey: Hampton Press.

Clouds: Paitings and Photographs (2007), Orffeo, J. & Muffoletto, R. (Eds) ( online book publishers).