Roberto Muffoletto



February 2008


Over the last few years I have found it difficult, if not impossible to make a personal statement for this site. The reasons being that my thinking is fluid, not fixed, and shifts as I understand more, and forget even more.

A few general statments may make sense at this time.

On Education

I believe that we need to agressively fight for democratic forms of education, not only in the United States, but on a global scale. Education that does not exclude and welcomes various horizons of knowledge and forms of experience is needed at all levels. Education in the United States has moved towards systems, controlling what teachers do, how students learn, and what we consider learning. Teacher education needs to address the political and epistemogical struggles of people to gain access to education. Teachers need to understand the needs of marginalized peoples and world views.


Technology and Education

I understand technology as a system, born out of calls for efficiency, accountablility, and effectivness. Teachers and students, as well as administrators and communities need to develop systems which engage learners as they construct knowledge and skills. Schools and learning centers must move out of instructional environments and into to learning environments.

The new digital systems and the Interent offer the opportunities to develope global, cross-cultural learning communities that are cooperative and democratic. Considering the removal of time, space, and "fixed" forms of knowledge, education has the possibility to remove borders while respecting tradition and history.

Educators and communities need to step out of what they know, to look at what is possible.


Media Arts

Create, explore, exhale.